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I am me, wanting to improve my life, career and CV

I have ambition, drive and my life is in my hands. I know if I adapt myself, I can offer employers a real reason to employ me as I can show my willingness to learn new skills and grow alongside my company's development. After all, please consider, what is the alternative?

I am an employee, wishing to adapt in line with my company's development

A great deal of my life is spent working yet am I achieving what my company needs or will need in the future? Do I adapt quickly? Do I take advantage of training opportunities? Do I present my enthusiasm? Does my company appreciate my work & wish to plan my future, with me?

I am an employer, needing to upskill my workforce

Where is the staff we need going to be found? Who is going to train them? Can we rely on migrants to fill the staff shortages? Upskilling could be part of the answer. We can help you in this quest by being communicative, enthusiastic, competitive and by adapting with you!


Graduation Day

We held a graduation day for a record number of students in Manchester (May 12th, 2019). We were honoured by “The Right Honourable Afzal Khan, MP, CBE (Shadow Minister of state for Immigration)” the theme for the day was “Qualifications = Opportunities and a more rewarding & interesting life”. On average these students received 8 qualifications each, 174 in total.

No Tax/VAT

We do not charge VAT as we are a specialist training company who believes in quality training above having hundreds of students. Having hundreds of students would increase our turnover to the amount that would mean we would need to charge VAT

We have joined forces with “YFL Training” of Sheffield!

We have joined forces with this experienced college which specialises in apprenticeships and courses for individuals,  YFL proudly say “With bags of experience we provide expert training support for work related learning courses across a number of sectors, including; health and social care, personal training, business & administration and I.T.”